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WoodPrep Guide

Proper surface preparation with Flood premium prep products is a critical step, whether refreshing an existing finish or prior to applying a new Flood or other wood finish. Removing dirt, grime, contaminants or previously coated wood deck, weatherboards, or wood fence stains and sealers will ensure a long-lasting finish for your wood surfaces.

Before you start

• Wear chemical-resistant gloves, boots, safety goggles and protective clothing.
• Pre-wet plants and shrubs.
CAUTION: Surfaces are slippery when wet. Use caution when walking on wet surfaces during application.
TIP: Removing Mould and Mildew. To remove mould and mildew, scrub the surface with a mixture of 150ml. of non-ammonia detergent, one litre of household bleach and 3 litres of water (or similar proportions for smaller quantities). Let solution stand on surface for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat until mildew is completely removed.

Flood WoodPrep

Flood WoodPrep is a specially developed pre-paint treatment for Flood’s Spa-N-Deck 100% Acrylic wood finish. It will also give superior results on all other exterior wood.
NOTE: Do not mix Flood WoodPrep with chlorine bleach or other household cleaning products. To do so can result in release of highly toxic gases. Mix using only plastic containers in a well-ventilated area.
• Shake well before mixing.
• Mix one part Flood WoodPrep with 1 part of water

Proper surface preparation

1. Cover any areas you wish to protect.
2. Sweep surface clean.
3. Wet surface with water.
4. Follow mixing instructions on the Flood WoodPrep label.
5. Apply a uniform coat of Flood WoodPrep/ water mixture with a garden sprayer, roller or nylon scrub brush.
6. For vertical surfaces, work from bottom to top.
7. Work into the wood with a nylon scrub brush. DO NOT use a wire brush.
8. Keep surface wet. Allow solution to stand 20-30 minutes.
9. Rinse surface and adjacent areas using highest pressure from a hose, or pressure wash between 500 - 1000 psi.
10. Allow wood to dry 48 hours before finishing unless you are using Flood’s Spa-N-Deck 100% Acrylic Wood Finish – see Spa-N-Deck application instructions.

Cleaning up

Simply wash all tools in soap and water and rinse. Be sure to wash all drop cloths or tarps. The WoodPrep container is completely recyclable, for safe, environmentally-friendly disposal.

Available sizes

WoodPrep 1L, 4L, 10L