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From Chris Dawson, Backyard Bliss

I have been in the outdoor home improvement business for over 20 years and have built decks for the majority of this time. Each time I build a deck the customer always asks how they should look after it. In the past I had no idea as to what was the best product or manner in which it should be treated. Whilst researching all the available products and treatment methods we came across Flood Spa-N-Deck and were immediately impressed for the following reasons:

The Flood Company recognizes the importance of good preparation and the resultant effect on the longevity and appearance of the finished job and produce the Powerlift and Prep Solution products to ensure thorough preparation is undertaken.

Ease of use
Because the preparation products, Powerlift and Prep Solution, and the first coat of the Spa-N-Deck are applied whilst the timber is wet, we don’t need to wait for perfect weather to undertake a project, and in Melbourne that is a huge bonus.

The quality and appearance of the Spa-N-Deck is second to none, whether it is applied to a new decking or to a deck that has been down for many years, it highlights the beauty of the natural timber whilst providing protection from the elements.

The Flood Company stand firmly behind their products and back it up with a 2 year warranty on horizontal surfaces and a 4 year warranty on vertical surfaces. This gives me peace of mind knowing that the product I apply for my customers is the best that I can get and the treatment method is thorough and complete because we use Flood Spa-N-Deck.

Cost Effective
Time is money and no-one benefits from redoing the same job every couple of months. Because Spa-N-Deck dramatically outlasts traditional oils it offers exceptional value for money.

We now offer a complete deck treatment service to all our customers so that they can get the maximum lifespan from their decking, whether it is new or existing, and continue to obtain enjoyment and value from it for many years to come and we only use, and highly recommend, Spa-N-Deck.

Many thanks
Chris Dawson
Backyard Bliss Australia Pty. Ltd.


From Col and Doreen Schofield

Hi all at Flood
I would very much like to thank all personnel involved in cleaning and coating our back deck. It was carried out in a very professional & workmanlike manner. The operator arrived at 9.30am as arranged & did not stop till 3.30pm. No lunch break, comfort or tea breaks. What had looked like an impossible task soon became a sight for sore eyes & we would have no trouble in recommending Flood’s product, Spa-N-Deck to any interested party.

Thanking you in appreciation for a job well done.
Yours faithfully
Col & Doreen Schofield.


From Phillip Hunt, Decks by Design

We at DECKS BY DESIGN lay 1000’s of meters every week, in climates Australia wide. We rely on quality and the back up of proven products. Flood provide this with its wood care product Spa-N-Deck. When customer service matters, and delivering only the best will do, don’t settle for second best.
Phillip Hutt
Decks By Design, Sydney


From Luke Hall L.J Hall Builders

I would personally like to thank the team of Flood for solving a major ongoing problem with a large hardwood deck of mine over the past few weeks. After purchasing and nailing down a Blackbutt deck we came across a fault within the timber, large amounts of tannin were leaching out of the timber, not only was this making the deck black but it was lifting the oil of another companies off the timber. The Management team of flood came out and assessed the problem and told us how to fix it. Along with their help in the process of cleaning the deck with their Powerlift product, then applying their Spa N Deck Prep the results were showing immediately. After the cleaning process 3 coats of Spa-N-Deck Cedar were applied and the deck came as good as new. 3 months on and there are no more tannin leaching and it still looks as good as new.
Thanks Luke Hall
L.J.Hall Builders


From Jim Johnson, Restore-A-Deck

After considerable research of the many timber coating products on the Australian market, I chose several years ago to offer Flood Spa-N-Deck acrylic wood finish for my customer’s decks. I have had the opportunity to assess and remove most of the products that are offered for sale. Unlike most of the other products Spa-N-Deck will not disappear, crack, peel or blister. Depending on the timbers exposure to weather and foot traffic, the coating over time just slowly goes dull. This is a bonus for my customers who want an easy re-application and cleanup maintenance program. I would highly recommend Flood Spa-N-Deck to anyone considering the coating of exterior timber.
Jim Johnson     
Proprietor  Restore-A-Deck pty. ltd.
Buderim, Qld


From Sharon Mitchell

Thank you to all the wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable and experienced staff at Flood Australia, manufacturers of Spa-N-Deck. The customer service we have received is exceptional.
We have been absolutely delighted with the colour and durability of Spa-N-Deck application to our new deck and feature timber screen wall.
We highly recommend this product and will be proud supporters for many years to come.

Kind Regards
Sharon Mitchell


From Steve Pathuis, Concept Construction

I found the Flood Company Product Spa-N-Deck to be an exceptional product. I have never used an external timber finish which has been as easy to apply as Spa-N-Deck; I also found the results of the product using Powerlift, prep solution and the Spa-N-Deck in a three stage application to give results which both I and my colleges have never seen before with such little effort.
I found that Spa-N-Deck and the process is the quickest and easiest in application in comparison to other products on the market and would recommend any of my customers, friends or colleges to use it in the future.
Yours Faithfully
Steve Pathuis
Advanced Concept Constructions, Sydney


From Wayne, WOW Floors

At Wow Floors we get to do a variety of work and when we have had to use a coating system to cover any of our outdoor decks or verandahs there hasn't been a product that could stand up to Spa-N-Deck.
It has outlasted anything else that we have tried and we wouldn't use or recommend anything else.
WOW Floors, Tasmania


From Tony & Zelda

Hi Matt
Just a belated note to thank you for your great service and rejuvenation of our deck.
It was a pleasure dealing with you and will certainly be recommending you to our friends.
We are very pleased with the result. Hopefully,this time, it will last longer than a few months before fading!

Could you please let me have the names and specifications of products used on our deck so we have a record of it, particularly the actual coating (was it Jarrah?)

Thanks once again for a great result.

Tony & Zelda


From Robert Nespeca

Hi Matthew,
RE Spa-N-Deck. Thank you so much for your quick response, and I'm looking forward to getting our deck back like new again. I really do appreciate your efforts and great service and a spcial thanks to your company FLOOD AUSTRALIA for providing my family and I outstanding after sales customer service.

Your sincerely
Robert Nespeca


From Richard Brinkman

About a year ago, you were involved in a project to renovate our decking, which turned into a three day stripping effort when the original coating could not be easily removed. However, the Beaver boys prevailed and then the decking was coated with Spa-N-Deck Acrylic Wood Finish and it looked great. Twelve months later the decking was still looking good, but last weekend we decided to give it a clean with Spa-N-Deck Prep Solution and re-coat with Wood Finish. This was achieved easily and the decking looks its best ever. Obviously we are going to be able to keep the decking in perfect condition with this easy annual maintenance. This was exactly what we hoped to achieve all along - thanks to the upfront effort by the Beaver boys.

Best regards
Richard Brinkman


From Dial a Deck

Just over twelve months ago I had a conversation with a fellow tradesman on deck coatings.
We discussed the frustrations of continually using deck coating products that at times either didn’t last six months or they cracked and peeled within two years. During this conversation he mentioned that over the past year he had been using a product called Spa-N-Deck and he no longer had these problems. Once I started using Spa-N-Deck I understood why. It gets into the timber so it won’t crack or peel and by being acrylic it lasts at least three times longer than oils. I’ve looked back at couple of jobs I did nearly twelve months ago and they look virtually as good as when the job was completed. I would highly recommend to anyone coating outdoor decking, that using Spa-N-Deck is the new way to go.

Dial a Deck / Sydney