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Dekswood Cleaner & Brightener

Cleans and restores dirty, greying decks, weatherboards, fences and all exterior wood

Wash that grey right out of your deck

If your deck looks dirty, grey, and old beyond its years, restore its natural colour and beauty with Dekswood Cleaner and Brightener. Unlike bleach-based wood cleaners, the gentle detergents in Dekswood remove surface and ground-in-dirt - even nail stains - without damaging the sensitive fibres of the wood, or stripping the wood's natural color. And just as importantly, without harming surrounding plants or shrubs.

Concentrated for a better value

Because Dekswood is a concentrate, a little goes a long way. In fact, 4 litres of Dekswood mixes with 16 litres of water to make 18 litres of cleaning solution. That's enough cleaner to handle from 75 to 100 square metres of wood. Which makes it a value that's hard to beat.

A friend of the environment

Wood care products from The Flood Company meet or exceed the latest environmental regulations. The Dekswood container is completely recyclable for safe, environmentally-friendly disposal.

How to apply Dekswood

Carefully read the entire Dekswood label. Before cleaning your deck with Dekswood, sweep away any loose debris; then wet the surface with a garden hose. Mix one litre of Dekswood with up to four litres of water. For extremely dirty wood, add less water for increased strength. We recommend one part Dekswood to two parts water for decks which haven't been cleaned within the last year. Apply the Dekswood solution with a stiff bristle brush or roller. As you brush, you'll see the rich colour of the wood coming back to life. Keep in mind that although Dekswood will clean pressure-treated wood, it won't remove the inherent green 'tint' obtained through the treating process. Also, remember to wear rubber gloves if you're going to hand brush your deck. After brushing the entire surface, allow the Dekswood solution to work for 20-30 minutes. This gives the detergents time to remove the ground-in dirt, and also allows the brightener to bring out the wood's natural colour. For maximum cleaning power, it's important to keep the deck wet during the cleaning process. Once you're finished, simply rinse off the remaining solution with water and let dry for at least two days. Sunny, breezy weather helps quicken the drying time. Clean with Dekswood once or twice a year to maintain your deck's natural beauty.

Cleaning up

Clean tools and equipment with soap and water.
The Dekswood container is completely recyclable for safe, environmentally-friendly disposal.

Clean more than just wood

You can also use Dekswood to clean and brighten wood fences and exterior furniture, log homes, aluminium or vinyl siding, boats, fiberglass, motor homes,and more.

Available sizes

Dekswood 1L, 4L, 10L