Flood Australia.
Wood care and painting solutions.

It's because you truly value wood in your
life that it deserves the best protection
you can give.

As humans we instinctively act to protect ourselves and importantly our skin from the elements – sun, rain, snow, etc. But think about life from the perspective of wood. It is as vulnerable to the elements as our skin, however, it is left outdoors, often 365 days a year, having to endure extreme conditions. Wood goes through such a lot in order to enrich our lives – all it asks in exchange is a quick coat of protection once in a while.

Protecting your investment

Your home is perhaps the biggest investment you make. It's a valuable asset and should look beautiful. To keep it that way you need to protect your wooden decks, timber cladding, pergolas and fences. Whether they're brand new or several years old, these surfaces are constantly exposed to the damaging effects of rain and sun, which can cause cracking, fading, splitting, cupping, and warping. All the things that reduce the value of your home. That's why it's crucial to protect and restore these wood surfaces with wood care products from The Flood Company Australia.

Flood wood care systems

Individually, each of the wood care products from The Flood Company features a specific benefit for all of your wood surfaces. Dekswood, PowerLift, WoodPrep and Spa-N-Deck provide a complete wood care system. A system that keeps your deck, weatherboards, fences, and other exterior wood surfaces looking the way they should. Naturally beautiful. From the first day and throughout the life of your wood.

Enjoy a long term return on your investment

The short time you spend protecting your wood with the Flood line of wood care products will give you the one thing you want most: beautiful exterior wood that will last.

What does it cost

We are often asked how much it would cost to treat a deck so as to keep the expensive wood protected and looking beautiful.

There is no simple answer as costs vary greatly for different products available. A ball park figure would be $10 per sq m for good oil finishes and sealers and up to double that for more durable finishes. What should be considered is the length of time a finish is expected to last. Where a decking oil finish might need re-coating every 6 months, a more durable finish, such as the modern acrylic types, might have a life of 2 years or more before they need another application. Simple arithmetic tells us that these are, whilst more costly to start with, cheaper in the long run, require far less work and give you more pleasure by keeping your deck beautiful for much longer periods.