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lift off #3

Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off® #3 Stain Remover

Consumers say Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off #3 Stain Remover is for ink stains and contractors claim it’s for permanent markers and graffiti; both are satisfied with the results. It was designed to work effectively on difficult and hard surfaces such as buses and phone booths, while not damaging to delicate surfaces such as clothing and upholstery.

Works on: Ball Point Pen & Inks • Permanent Markers • Nail Polish • Hair Dyes • Newsprint • Pencil Marks • Stamp Pad Inks • India Ink • Correction Fluid • Fountain Pen Inks • Highlighters & More!

Features and benefits

Pen, ink and marker graffiti remover
Green Cross certified
Safe for the environment and user

Safe on:

Upholstery • Hard Surfaces • Buses • Phone Booths • Street Signs • Carpets • Counter–tops • Tile • Computers • Dry Erase Boards • Blackboards • Floors • Office Equipment • Desks • Plastics • Concrete • Fiberglass • Non–washables • Linoleum • Brick • Vehicles • Lawn Furniture • Tennis Shoes & More!

How to use

For clothes, upholstery & non–washables:
1. Test for colorfastness by spraying an inconspicuous area. 2. Blot wet stains with a clean, white cloth or paper towel, if possible. Remove loose grime. 3. Spray stain thoroughly; wait at least 60 seconds. 4. Gently agitate (use brush if necessary), then blot with clean, white towel or cloth. Repeat if necessary. 5. For best results on non–washable materials, dry with a hair dryer on medium heat.

For carpets:
Apply according to the instructions above. Then place a clean, white cloth or paper towels over the treated area, followed by something flat and heavy like a phonebook. In a few hours, the towel will absorb any excess stain dampness or residue from the stain.

For washables:
1. Spray stain thoroughly; wait at least 60 seconds. 2. Agitate if necessary (the back end of a toothbrush works well). Repeat if necessary. 3. Launder as fabric recommendations allow.

For walls, counter–tops, floors & tile:
1. Spray stain thoroughly; wait at least 60 seconds. 2. Wipe with a clean towel or rinse off. Repeat if necessary.

Always test on inconspicuous area first. Not recommended for use on latex painted walls, non–colorfast materials or woodwork.

Available sizes

Lift Off # 3 650ml, 3.8L

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