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deks olje #1



Deks Olje #1 Saturating Wood Protection

Exceptional appearance and easy maintenance wood finish for the marine environment. (pronounced "Decks Olya")

What does it do?

Is owning your boat a love/hate relationship because of the work involved in keeping it looking good? It doesn't have to be. Stripping back to bare wood after only a few seasons isn't necessary when you use Deks Olje Marine Wood Finish.

When properly applied, Deks Olje is easier to care for than any other finish on the market. Its powerful penetrating oils go far beneath the surface. Other finishes deteriorate because water gets beneath the surface. THIS CAN'T HAPPEN WITH DEKS OLJE.

Deks Olje weathers, but does not lift. So seasonal touch-up is easy. Recovery is like new. You also have the option of a matte or gloss finish.

The secret of success is in following the unique application instructions. Don't confuse Deks Olje with conventional teak oils or varnish. It is neither.

Which Deks Olje to use?

Deks Olje is the easiest to maintain finish afloat for teak and other boating woods. Deks Olje is availble in a matte (Deks Olje#l) or gloss (Deks Olje#2) finish and both will give years of service with NO STRIPPING back to bare wood. Touch-up applications on worn spots are all that's necessary to maintain this finish. Even if wood is badly neglected, a good cleaning with Dekswood and a reapplication will restore the original brightness of the finish. The fantastic recovery power of Deks Olje has been put to the test for more than 50years in Scandinavia.

Timber left untreated in a marine environment such as this teak companionway hatch will become grey and unslightly. The wood grains attract dirt and mildew and spoil the appearance and quality of the boat.

Regular applications of Deks Olje will give wood surfaces a deep rich colour that stands up to the harsh marine environment and protects your valuable asset.


Performance test

Two teak panels were exposed to the same marine conditions of sun, wind and water for the same length of time. One was treated with top quality teak oil and varnish, the other with Deks Olje #1 and #2. These unretouched photos show the result. The Deks Olje treated panel still looks fresh and new. The teak has neither darkened nor has the finish cracked and pitted as in the panel treated with teak oil and varnish.

Surface preparation - old wood

• Remove old finish completely.
• Neutralize any strippers or bleaches and lightly sand surface.

Surface preparation - new wood

• Lightly sand wood.
• Remove oils from wood with a liberal application of Dekswood or Methylated Spirit.
• Lightly sand wood again.


• Apply by brush or roller. A foam brush can be used on small surfaces.
• Apply one coat every fifteen minutes. As one coat is absorbed, apply another. Do not allow to dry between coats.
• When the surface can absorb no more, brush the material several times. If it still stands on the surface, wipe up all excess with a rag which is slightly damp with Deks Olje #1. If it does not stand on the surface after brushing, apply more Deks Olje #1.
• When no more can be absorbed, wipe up all excess as described in step 3. You are now finished with Deks Olje #I.
• A proper Deks Olje #1 application should require many coats over at least a six-hour time period.
• Allow three days before putting into service or finishing with Deks Olje #2.


• Wash all dirty surfaces with Dekswood, rinse and allow to dry.
• Lightly sand worn or abraded areas.
• Apply one or two coats of Deks Olje #1 to affected areas.
• Between touch-ups, wash Deks Olje #1 treated surfaces as often as possible with fresh water.
• NO NEED to remove the original Deks Oije #1.

NOTE: If the surface looks mottled or splotchy after cleaning and sanding, Deks Olje #1 will still restore the appearance, but a few coats may be needed on the driest areas. Again, do not leave any Deks Oije #1 puddled on the surface.


Depends on the porosity of the wood surface. Coverage on very porous wood could be as low as 2 square metres per litre.


Deks Olje #1 will stain metal fittings and fiberglass. Be sure to clean these surfaces before it dries. If Deks Oije #1 has dried on fiberglass, it can be removed with any paint remover formulated for use on fiberglass.

Available sizes

Deks Olje #1 1L, 4L, 10L