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VC175 tropical strength mould killer

mould action pre-paint treatment

Mould Action & VC175 Tropical Mould Killer

MOULD and MILDEW are an ever present and allergy causing annoyance in tropical climates and damp surroundings. To address these problems The Flood Company developed what are perhaps the most effective but, at the same time, very economical products. Pre-treating existing mould with Floods Mould Action prior to painting and adding a small amount of our VC175 Tropical Mould Killer to the paint will not allow mould or mildew to grow on the surface of the paint for the life of the paint. The effectiveness of the product has been proven in many 1000’s of application under all climatic conditions.


Mould Action removes

• Mould and mildew from bathrooms, kitchens, laundries.
• Mould and mildew from ceilings, walls and tiles.
• Yellow and green stain from bricks.


VC175 Tropical Mould Killer prevents

• Stays active and protects for the life of the paint.
• Inexpensive. Just a few drops for years of protection.


For more details and how to kiss ugly and smelly mould goodbye go to the product specs on the right.